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Brush Finish Concrete

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A brushed finish is obtained by pulling a brush over the surface of the fresh concrete, after the surface has been levelled. The type of finish obtained will depend upon the coarseness of the brush bristles and the length and shape of the tufts. Coarse texture is given by stiff-bristled brooms, softer bristles giving medium and light textures. Brushes can have plastic bristles or steel tines of varying gauge and density. Normal manual sweeping brooms produce an unsatisfactory texture for finishing concrete surfaces and should not be used; rather, a purpose-made brush should be used. Such brushes generally have steel bristles or tines and long heads to reduce the number of passes.

A commonly used piece of equipment for producing a brush finish is the combined skip float and brush. In use, the skip float is pushed across the bay using the long handle. When the skip float has reached the bay edge the handle is turned which lifts the skip float and lowers the brush head onto the concrete. The brush is then drawn back across the bay. Care is needed with the timing of the use of this equipment.